Your valuable excisable goods in safe hands

In TOP Logistics you have a dedicated logistics partner specialised in excisable goods, in particular alcoholic beverages and tobacco products. Integrity and discretion combined with a high degree of flexibility are the hallmarks of our working method. We have all the certifications and permits required for the transport and storage of excisable goods. TOP Logistics is thus able to handle all the formalities quickly and expertly for all its customers.

Reliable expertise

Our core business is managing the transport, storage and transhipment of excisable goods. Our added value lies in our superb all-inclusive service. Based on decades of experience and outstanding reputation, we can complete al the formalities for you rapidly. We offer completely secure and guarded storage locations, complying with the highest standards, laid down in the Netherlands. The detailed electronic recording of all incoming and outgoing goods provides you with the guarantee that all risks have been eliminated.

  • Approx. 50.000 m2 Bonded Warehouses
  • Racking Systems
  • High Valuable Products
  • Dutyable Products
  • Fully Licensed
  • AEO Certified

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